Dear President Mr.Donald Trump

The President
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

3rd April 2017


Dear President Trump,

allow me introduce myself: my name is Luca Lombroso, and I am a weatherman, a climate expert and a COP delegate on UNFCCC climate change negotiation.

According to press release, you seem to be sceptical about man made climate change, despite many scientific and empirical evidence provided, some of which – by the way – by most authoritative U.S. universities and research organization.

I read about your latest decision to reconsider some U.S. measures concerning the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and climate change action.

As a “citizen of the Earth”, I would like to invite you to think deeply on the matter before taking any such decision. For it will affect not only the United States of America, but the whole World, with consequences on the young people and the generations yet to come. Climate change has also a deep impact on economy, society and also regarding the defense and national security, as, I remember was presented on COP 17 in Durban by US Admiral David W.Titley in a side event.

For this reason, I am taking the liberty to send you a copy of my essay “Ciao Fossili – Cambiamenti climatici, resilienza e futuro post carbon” (So long, fossil fuels – Climate change, resilience and post carbon-future) (Edizioni Artestampa 2016).

In “Ciao Fossili”, I explain that “Climate is a threat to society both in US and in Bolivia, in China and Australia, in Europe and in the Tonga Islands, in South Africa and in Japan. Some people are stricken with hurricanes, some others with heat waves, other people are afflicted by landslides and avalanches due to the collapse of alpine and mountain glaciers, and some others by the sea level rise or the coral reef-bleaching.”

Ciao Fossili” has been published as a consequence of two great events happen on 2015: the Encyclical Letter “Laudato sii” by Pope Francis and the Paris Agreements on climate changes. In 2015, an irreversible decarbonization process of our society has started.

A sentence of your predecessor, ex-President Barack Obama, is quoted on the back cover of the essay: “We are the first generation to feel the effect of climate change and the last generation who can do something about it.” – President Obama

Even now I am reading news about the built-on-ice village in Alaska, Shishmaref, that has fallen victim of global melting. Its inhabitants could be the very first “American climate refugees” in history.

Atmosphere has no borders: the African Anticyclone needs no Green Card or Visa to invade Europe.

As you very well said: “Without passion you don’t have energy, without energy you have nothing.” I would like to invite you to think about what the 2015 Paris Agreements brought to common attention: energy can be renewed. I am sure that, reading the clear data at our disposal and without waiting for the extreme events of Nature, eventually you will change your mind and reconsider your decisions on this topic.

During your presidential campaign, you have been using the slogan “MAGA – Make America Great Again”, but America cannot do without planet Earth, and for this reason it needs a brand-new slogan: “MEGA – Make Earth Great Again”.

I wish you will enjoy the reading, and hope that maybe, inspired by “Ciao Fossili”, you will be remembered in history as the President who encouraged the whole planet to abandon the use of fossil fuel, launching the Post-Carbon era.

God bless America, and God bless planet Earth!

Yours faithfully,

Luca Lombroso




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